PMFTC recognized as Top Employer for three consecutive years


Philip Morris International is also certified as Global Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute

Taguig City, April 1, 2022 — PMFTC, Inc., the local affiliate of Philip Morris International, was certified as a Top Employer in the Philippines for the third consecutive year. This is a further acknowledgment of PMI’s excellence in people practices, firmly establishing the company among the ranks of employers of choice focused on meeting the needs of a globally diverse workforce.

“The recognition of PMFTC as Top Employer in the Philippines for the third consecutive year is a strong endorsement of the working environment that we constantly build at the company,” said Andreea Chiriac, PMFTC’s Director of People and Culture. “PMI strives to design a workplace of the future; a culture that empowers and inspires people to do their best, celebrates diversity and well-being, and leverages on technology to deliver fast and amplify positive change to our employees and our stakeholders.”

“The recognition of PMFTC as Top Employer in the Philippines for the third consecutive year is a strong endorsement of the working environment that we constantly build at the company.” — Andreea Chiriac, PMFTC’s Director of People and Culture

“We are grateful and humbled to have received this recognition. We view it as an affirmation that PMFTC is heading in the right direction with the company’s commitment to provide a workplace that helps Filipinos thrive and hone their professional career. This inspires us to continue innovating to promote a positive and productive environment for our employees,” said Dave Gomez, PMFTC’s Director of Communications.

The Top Employer certification is the result of an independent assessment by the Top Employers Institute, which has recognized PMFTC’s parent company, PMI, as a Global Top Employer for the sixth year in a row. PMI’s affiliates were also recognized as leading employers in 44 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia/Pacific.

Chiriac noted that, “This award was made possible through our consolidated efforts as an organization, along with our vision to create a smoke-free future, which has spurred the energy and passion of our 4,019 employees to deliver positive change for adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking, and for society.”

As part of the certification process, PMI was required to demonstrate to independent human resources auditors that it excelled in six HR dimensions by answering 400 questions backed up with evidence.

These dimensions include:

Steer: Business strategy, people strategy, and leadership
Shape: Organization and change, digital HR, and work environment
Attract: Employer branding, talent acquisition, and onboarding
Develop: Performance, career, and learning
Engage: Well-being, engagement, rewards and recognition, and “offboarding”
Unite: Values, ethics and integrity, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability

PMI is also one of the 11 international organizations awarded during this year’s Global Top Employer certification. PMI employs more than 73,500 people worldwide.

About Top Employers Institute

Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognizing excellence in people practices. The institute helps accelerate these practices to enrich the world of work. Through the Top Employers Institute certification program, participating companies can be validated, certified, and recognized as an employer of choice. Established over 30 years ago, Top Employers Institute has certified over 1,857 organizations in 123 countries/regions. These certified Top Employers positively impact the lives of over 7 million employees globally.

Read more at: Top Employers Institute

PMFTC: Delivering a Smoke-Free Future

PMFTC Inc. is an agriculture and consumer products company that’s leading change across the Philippine tobacco industry. A business combination between LT Group Inc. and Philip Morris International (PMI), PMFTC Inc. is an employer of choice; a major leaf buyer and taxpayer; and a partner to law enforcement. Around the world, we are building a future on a new category of smoke-free products that, while not risk free, are a much better choice than continued smoking due to the elimination of combustion — the primary cause of smoking-related problems. Through multidisciplinary capabilities in science and technology, we aim to ensure that our smoke-free products meet adult consumer preferences and rigorous regulatory requirements. As the market leader, we are committed to offering adult consumers who would otherwise continue to smoke better alternatives and playing an active role in making Philippine society smoke-free.

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