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PMI executive asks countries to make cigarettes obsolete

The chief executive officer of Philip Morris International Inc. has

Smokers’ population rises to 1.3 billion despite global tobacco control

The population of smokers globally increased to about 1.3 billion

Experts see tobacco accord as flawed reference for pandemic treaty

Two international public health experts view an existing accord on

Japan’s strategy proves effective in cutting down smoking rate

Countries around the world may look at Japan’s success in

Racism scandal in the Philippines taints WHO’s reputation anew

The World Health Organization got embroiled in a controversy again

Lazada asked to remove illicit vapes from Philippine online marketplace

Consumer groups in the Philippines asked e-commerce company Lazada to

Filipino farmers welcome tougher anti-agri smuggling bill in the Senate

A 50,000-strong farmers group welcomed the filing of a Senate

Companies work to cut impact of smoking alternatives on health,

Companies involved in the nicotine industry are innovating to develop

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