Editorial News

2021: The year of harm in retreat

It was a breathtaking year of harm in retreat. We could not put it more aptly. And it is much cause for celebration. From the economic crisis to the public […]


A practical solution to the Asian smoking scourge

Asia accounts for the majority of the world’s smokers and also for the most deaths related to the smoking epidemic which remains unabated.  Asian smokers, bereft of options, are sprinting—into […]


Inclusion in reverse

Inclusion is a global concept that pertains to providing equal access and respecting the rights of all sectors of society.  In the Philippines, the opposite was happening, as the country’s Department […]

Editorial Opinion

Bloomberg Philanthropy: charity or intrusion?

Philanthropy’s role is to get things started, to make market forces work in favor of the poor.  A well-targeted philanthropic activity triggers action from both business and government.  That’s how tech mogul […]


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